Five must-have experiences in Cork

Five must-have experiences in Cork

Cork, the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, is often overshadowed by the country’s capital, Dublin.  However, the charming coastal city has much to offer and there’s plenty to keep you busy, come rain or shine.


  1. Kiss the Blarney stone


One of Ireland’s most famous attractions is located on the outskirts of Cork.  The Blarney Stone, located inside the castle, is a 600-year old legend: If you kiss the Blarney stone while being upside down, you get the ‘gift of gab’ (you’ll speak so well that everyone will want to listen you).

2.  Stargaze at Blackrock Observatory and Science Centre


Blackrock Castle, right on the shore of the River Lee, looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones.  Inside there is an observatory where you can visit a planetarium, cinema or several interactive exhibits about science, nature and space.

3.  Try some local grub in the English Market


Right in the centre of the city, this local food market was first opened in 1788.  You can pick up anything from artisan bread to fruit and vegetables as well as fresh fish.  The market has become more famous since Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain visited in 2011.  

4.  Ring the bells at Shandon Church


The main attraction at this church is St Anne’s Tower which houses the enormous 18th century bell.  When you visit, you can try ringing the bells, walk through the interior of the church clock and see a 360-degree view of the city from the top of the tower



5.  Meet the animals at Fota Wildlife Park


This 70-acre safari park gives its huge variety of animals as much space as it can to move about freely and live in a natural environment.  All areas are visited on foot so you’ll have to watch out for the giraffes, lemurs and many more animals who walk around to wherever takes their fancy.



We do all of these activities, plus more during our month-long stay in Cork.  

For more information, come along to our meeting on 29th March at 20:00 at the Murcia academy for more information.  

If you can’t make it, give us a ring or write us an e-mail so that you don’t miss out!