Guess the Song 11!

Song Facts

  • This was written by a very young John Denver, who was then a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio before beginning his solo career in the 1970s. Denver wrote this in 1967 during a layover at Washington airport, «Not so much from feeling that way for someone, but from the longing of having someone to love.»

  • This became the biggest hit for Peter, Paul and Mary, and also their last. The trio charted 12 times on the Top 40 from 1962-1969, scoring with their renditions of «Puff The Magic Dragon» and «Blowin’ In The Wind


Have you worked out the answer yet?


This is the artist…



This is an anagram of the song title…

Vantage Lapel Enjoin







And finally if you haven’t guessed , here is the answer…


Of course we hear you all shout “It’s LEAVING ON A JET PLANE by Peter, Paul and Mary”


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