Guess the Song 12!

Song Facts

  • This became the bands signature song. Included on their first album, it was a huge hit and launched them to stardom.

  • This was the first rock song to feature both a guitar and keyboard in the instrumental section.

  • This was the last song the band’s lead singer performed live. It took place at a concert at The Warehouse in New Orleans on December 12, 1970. Mid-way through the song, the singer became exasperated and smashed his microphone into the floor, ending the show.

  • The singer is a member of the infamous 27 club, musicians and artists who died aged 27.



Have you worked out the answer yet?

This is the artist…


This is an anagram of the song title…

Filthier Gym








And finally if you haven’t guessed , here is the answer…


Of course we hear you all shout “It’s LIGHT MY FIRE by The Doors”


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Lyrics Training – Light my fire





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