Guess the Song 16!

Song Facts

  • The singer wrote this song after an all-night bout of listening to The Clash’s debut album, The Clash, on headphones, which explains the reggae influence. Fortified by drinking an entire jar of instant coffee, he stayed awake for 36 hours. The singer told Qmagazine August 2013: «Why do you think that song is so jerky? I drank a lot of coffee.»

  • This song inspired the UK ska band Madness’ 1979 hit «My Girl»

  • The singer justifies his later performance of this song as a big-band number, saying that it should be realized as an orchestral piece using the film music feeling and the swing rhythms of 1950s detective shows.


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This is the artist…

This is an anagram of the song title…














And finally if you haven’t guessed , here is the answer…


Of course we hear you all shout “It’s WATCHING THE DETECTIVES by Elvis Costello”




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