Guess the Song 7!

Song Facts

  • This is a soulfully soaring solo sequel to Jay-Z and this singers hometown anthem.» Jay-Z was originally scheduled to contribute a new verse to the remake but the rapper does not appear on the final version.

  • The singer told The Sun November 13, 2009: «It’s just exciting to be able to put together a song about the city I was born and raised in and then to be able to make it an anthem the world can feel. I just love the energy that’s behind it.»

  • When this debuted at #55 on the Hot 100 chart dated January 2, 2010, it marked the first chart appearance of a sequel to a #1 since Usher followed «Love In This Club» with «Love in This Club Part II» (#18) in 2008.


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This is the artist…


This is an anagram of the song title…


A Freedmen Omits Pit







And finally if you haven’t guessed , here is the answer…

Of course we hear you all shout “It’s EMPIRE STATE OF MIND by Alicia Keys”


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