How to write a letter for the Cambridge Preliminary (B1) exam

How to write a letter for the Cambridge Preliminary (B1) exam

Last Friday, 23rd November, 20 Star English students attended a Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) B1 mock exam in preparation for their real exam which will take place on Friday 7th December.  The students completed the Reading, Writing and Listening components of the exam in the Star English hall, in the same conditions as they will on the day of their real exam.


The students performed well, with some particularly shining in the Writing part of the exam.  But, what goes into a good answer for Part Three of the paper? Well, take a look at an answer by Sara, who is one of our El Palmar students:


Hello Lily!


First of all, thanks for your letter, it’s great to hear from you!  


You asked me what kind of things I like reading.  Well, I like a lot of genres, but I think I especially like romantic ones.  I usually read books, but sometimes I also like to read magazines about fashion, music, or interior design.  However, in general I prefer books.


You also asked me about a famous writer from my country.  Here in Spain there are lots of good writers, but I think that the most relevant is Laura Gallego.  I haven’t really read her books but people usually love them., in particular “Dónde los árboles cantan”.


Any way, I have to go to bed now, it’s late.


Lots of love,




Why do you think this is a good letter?  Is there anything you would improve? Comment below to let us know!