Christmas traditions

Anyone who has studied at an academy before already knows at least a little about Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom.  So, what are the main differences between the festive...

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Merry Christmas from Star English!

Queridos alumnos/as:   Se acercan las fiestas de Navidad, y se acaba el primer trimestre del curso. Esperamos que esta pausa sirva para recargar las pilas y retomar el segundo trimestre con...

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Christmas news!

This is Caroline's nephew's Ice cream parlour in England. He specialises in ice creams with unusual flavours. A 'pig in blanket' is a sausage wrapped in bacon. These have been mixed...

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Training experience

ACEIRMUR Teacher Training

A couple of weeks ago, the Directors of Studies from the Murcia and El Palmar academies, Lyndsay and Sarah, presented the ideas they had picked up from the ACEIA conference...

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All Together

ACEIA Sevilla noviembre 2018   El pasado fin de semana, 9 de noviembre, nuestras dos Jefas de Estudios, Lyndsay y Sarah viajaron a Sevilla para participar en la conferencia anual “All Together”...

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