Where can I download free English ebooks?

Where can I download free English ebooks?

As we’re approaching the Christmas season, many of you may have some spare time on your hands to finally get your teeth into a good book before the year is up.  However, if you’re one of the many who has been converted to reading digitally rather than on paper, it may be that you don’t know where to find good quality, free ebooks.  So, here is a list of five sources to find and download free ebooks in English.  


  1. Open Library https://openlibrary.org/


A huge online archive of where to download over 1.7 million ebooks free to download.   The non-profit site provides links to where you can borrow and download ebooks, as well as providing links to other sites where you can buy copies of both the ebook and paperback.  Create a profile and keep track of which books you have already read and line up the next ones on your to-read list.


  1.  Project Gutenberg https://www.gutenberg.org/


While Open Library is an online list of where to download ebooks, Project Gutenberg is where you can go to download them.  56,000 books to be precise, in both epub and Kindle format.


  1.  Google Books https://books.google.com/?hl=es


Google’s contribution to the online literary world.  Log in using your Google password or download the Google Play Books app to download their free ebooks via Top Free.


  1.  Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Free-books-for-Kindle/dp/B0036DD2BW


Amazon has a huge collection of books priced at 0,00€ for Kindle owners.  Once you’ve created an Amazon account, you can download as many titles as you like.


  1.  Your local library


Many libraries are now exploring the option of lending ebooks.  Visit your local library to find out about what options they have available.


If you still haven’t been converted to the ebook craze, pop into your nearest Star English Academy and check out the selection of books we have available in our lending library.


Merry Christmas!